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Traditional Dishes

The traditional basic curry, served at medium strength

Cooked with almonds, coconut and cream very mild dish.

A fairly condensed tomato and onion sauce,with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Fairly hot with a sweet and sour finish.

Keera Masalla
A spiced dish, cooked with tomato, onion & mainly cucumber with other mild spices

A Parsee dish originating from western India. A combination of a lentil sauce with pineapple. Producing a sweet, sour and slightly hot sauce.

Prepared with fresh spinach, touch of capsicum and spices. Medium Hot.

A dish thoroughly marinated with onions, a touch of capsicum, tomatoes, green herbs and selected spices, medium strength.

A maximum quantity of onions, freshly seasoned with exclusive spices to produce a medium hot taste.

A most popular dish made with spices, a fairly hot dish.

A very popular dish made with spices, a very hot dish.

A very rich hot dish, prepared with black pepper, chilli, lemon juice and a touch of coconut cream.

Rogan Josh
A medium hot curry spiced with herbs and garnished with tomato, onions and green peppers, medium hot

Slightly Hot cooked with fruit in a tantalizing sauce

Chicken £5.70  Lamb £5.90  Prawn £5.70
Chicken Tikka £6.95 Lamb Tikka £7.25  Duck Tikka £8.25
King Prawn £8.50  Vegetable £5.50 
Mixed £8.75     Chicken Shaslick £7.95
Lamb Shaslick £8.20     Panir £5.95